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My Life In Lineage
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Kevin Han's LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
2:17 pm
i am sad to imform that i am quitting live journal..the reason for this is because UpSaid is 100x better o_O i moved my blog to BakaTeam.2ya.com

this is a joint journal with a few of my very good Ken friends, so it will be very cool and interesting ^^ ty for everyone who reads my blog ^^;; i hope u guys will like my new one better hehe
Monday, August 29th, 2005
7:25 am
photocountry down
wtf, photo country has been donw for like past 12094812093 days, thats why u cant see any of my pics >_87BaBoClub</a>
Saturday, August 27th, 2005
6:41 pm
Event Over!
the beat the heat event (drop portion) is over QQ not that i noticed any diff anyways haha...

well, its time to hand out the award to who "in my opinion" did the best during this event...and the award goes to.....*drum rolllls*


as many of you all know, my good friend fyreblade from ken, moved to dep, his knight there is called FyreBlade as well o_O
During the event, he has gotten a total of SIX..yes count them, SIX ancient scrolls, and an ancient sword..so lucky T_T and he told me this like 4 days b4 event ended, with his luck, he probalby has 10 a-scrolls by now o_O dunno i gotta ask him hehe....well congrats on such a great start in dep fyre ^^ hope u still keep some of that ken pride in u o.o;; gratz!
7:17 am
mayor again!!
no screenshots cuz its redundant o.0 but i was hunting last night and it said i became oren mayor again v.v!!! woot woto, i wont be mean this time, keep taxes at 0% hehe.. i tph to check how much adena i made from compensation, i made 4.5k o_O pretty good hehe ^^;;
Friday, August 26th, 2005
7:10 am
exp tests
i did some exp tests in bapho/beleth morph to see which place is best exp with them. i tried owl, giran 4f, mlc 6-7f, fv, dvc. My results are mlc7f and fv are fastest exp! mlc 7f in the cerberus room, just run around and kill all cerberus, very fast exp v.v in fv, run around and kill everything and f-c eggs to death, but avoid lava golems cuz it hurts bapho morph alot and gives no mp. so i think i'll be hunting fv and mlc 7f from now, hehe, until i get dk o_O..if i get it.. ^^

5:39 am
OMEDETO ^_^!! (congrats)
congrats to reona and me!!! ^______^ reona is first lvl 51 princess on US servers v.v (princess, not prince o_O) she's also most kawaii princess v.v and i just hit lvl 50 too v.v finally!!!!!

i'd like to give a big thanks to adrian, johnny, ming/john, wine, mai, saph, trammy, yuko, and sandra v.v. If i forgot u, its cuz its too early >_< i'd also like to give a thanks to the old BloodLust pledge and NaNaSi pledge v.v i love u all!!!

Sunday, August 21st, 2005
6:50 pm
Oren Has A New Mayor v.v!
i tph to oren today...wtf is this o.0?


then i saw this later on v.v i am new mayor ^_^!!!! evil mayor i am o.o;; keke 10% tax...rose tax to the max o.0 i figure this is my only chance to be mayor, might as well abuse power v.v!
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
1:02 pm
big update
i havnt updated for awhile because i was busy wiht morph event ^^ had to hunt as much as possible in dk/bapho/beleth morph =P

First of all, i'm very sad that lineage compendium is closing down, it's been my homepage for 2 years and i visit it 10+ times a day...its very sad news indeed T_T its like having a best friend in lineage quit..sorta..

for the event, i got about 25% total in the 1 week span, but died twice cuz of my shitty cpu >__< 400 mhz, 8 gb harddrive, 64 mb ram just doesnt cut it.... for like the first 5 days, i solo'd the bb area on FI wihtout summons nonstop. It was very very good exp, 1% every 1.5 hr o.o! but i had to stop cuz i wasnt getting any good drops and my mgem supply was going down FAST! then next 3 days, i spend my time hunting all over mainland, i got countless amounts of ndais and nzels (not gonna bother posting cuz it'll be too repetitive QQ) The following link is a picture of all the drakes i killed on FI that actually dropped me something (if i did all drakes even the ones that drop nothing, the picture would take 10000000 yrs to open o.o;;) and there is a picture of some other nice drops i got too ^^;;

sometime while i was hunting, i received this letter o.0 WTF!?!?!?

lmao QQ power rangers obssessive o.o;;
Thursday, August 11th, 2005
10:04 pm
well...i have a +5 power gloves and a +5 demon gloves. So i say to myself (with the help of Nintendo's guidance) which one should i blow o.o;;?? Hmm...Pg's is probably more useful, so blow demon gloves o.o! i bought a bzel for 600k, politely said ty to my seller (Ty Karian) and double click on the bzel, then click on my demon gloves.......omgooses!!!

everyone buy bzels from karian plz, so lucky o.o;; (just anohter observation..might just be coincidence, i notice the more i pay for a bzel/bdai, it usually goes +2, or items usually dont blow o.o;; maybes just big coincidence) Anyways, i think now demon gloves wont be so useless =P their nice and light..gives 9 ac just for gloves (same as +6 crystal gloves, but lighter and for all class) and they look so bling bling ~_~!
2:40 pm
ken server wipe o.0?
something is very wrong with the ken rauhel server...whenever someone logs on, they will find that all their items are gone, they're kicked out of their bp, and all their bookmarks are deleted....is NC planning to wipe ken o_O i hope not T_T they better fix this man!!! its scary >< i dun wannnna start all over grrrrrrr... FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS NC!!!
Monday, August 8th, 2005
5:54 pm
Vacation photos (UP!)
I just uploaded my china vacation photos, i think i'll post a little bit. Only a few since they're pretty large. This is me and a friend on the great wall, i'm the taller one..i'm 6 foot 2 inch o.0 (look at the beautiful background v.v!):

After the tiring hike up the great wall, we went back down, and paid this artist to draw my face portrait. He's a very good artist v.v. Here is me sitting still for him so he can draw my face o.0!

The following photo is just a picture of how beautiful shanghai is v.v its a very pretty city, but the photo isnt that great.

The last photo is a picture of some of the stuff i bought in china +_+;; hehe
The first one is meteor garden, its a very good chinese tv series v.v i finished it in 2 days ~_~ so tiring. The next one is an old BoA cd, Listen To My Heart, it was so cheap i had to buy it. The last one is another BoA cd, Jumping Into The World. This one is kind of special and more expensive. Its a collection of all her early songs when she just started to be famous. And then there is a photo album included with pictures of her in London and in New York..like the rise to Stardom. Or jumping into the music world..stardom..fame..whatever u wanna call it o.o; Hence the name.. Jumping Into The World ^^;; its a very good cd and i'm happy i bought it.

i hoped u liked my vacation photos v.v! its not much but i dun wanna use up too much bandwidth hehe.

oh ya: PS!!! i updated my buy/sell/trade list on the side bar. Please take a look, its right below my info ^^
Sunday, August 7th, 2005
8:21 pm
pledge change o.0
i joined Princess Reona's pledge, NaNaSi. It's so cool v.v

O ya, i added a link to view my tagboard, so you dont gotta post a message everytime to look at the board ^^ hope it makes it more convenient for some ppl.
Saturday, August 6th, 2005
8:24 am
i'd just like to dedicate this post to how impressive and amazing kurei3 is @@ Kurei3 is a mage and just hit lvl 52 a week ago. Not only that, she has a lvl 52 knight, No9, and a lvl 50 elf also, Nanap.

Its so amazing TT 2 lvl 52 characters..and a lvl 50. You are so cool kurei!!!!!!

PS: i added a "tag board" to the left <~~~
for some reason, livejournal doesnt allow the tagboard to actually be in that column, so the best i can do is after u type ure comment, the tagboard pops up on a new browser window, its still pretty cool ^^ better than nothing hehe.
Thursday, August 4th, 2005
11:01 am
=.= tired
i finally finished all 20 chapters of meteor garden. It was a very good show v.v but very tiring to watch it all within a 48 hr span @@ each chapter is around 67 min long ~_~ Anyways, now that i'm done with it i can start playing lineage again hehe. Good series tho, i recommend everyone to watch it..however its in chinese -_-
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
3:39 pm
Meteor Garden
so tired...i spend whole day yesterday watching nothing but meteor garden. I finished first 10 chapters yesterday, watching for 11.5 hrs nonstop QQ. Then today morning i woke up and watched 3 more chapters (each 67 min long) bah i need rest. Anyways, only 7 more chapters left to watch ^_^ i hope i can finish it all today, its very good v.v
Monday, August 1st, 2005
9:07 pm
i'm baaaaack!
i just got back from my china vacation. I'll post up some vacation photos after i upload them into the cpu. I bought like 2 boa cd's and the meteor garden 1 series.

A few things about china that is very different. One is there is a whole lotta cross dressers QQ

another is the driving in china...traffic there is so scary, it can give weak hearted ppl a heart attack. I went on a tour group, so we went places on designated busses, the busses and cars honk like every 5 seconds, if there is a car right next to another car, they still try to lane change regardless. Cars drive on the opposite direction lanes all the time. Cars have the right of way over pedestrians. If a pedestrian is in front, the car would just honk and maintain full speed and expect the pedestrian to move away, they dont slow down at all. Our bus driver even did that to a police haha. On intersections, i see like both traffic lights are green, lol. Our bus missed an exit once on a freeway, so we just stopped and slowly backed up lol. ALOT of bikes in china too.

Last thing is their public bathrooms. The doors are always left open, the stalls down even have doors. The toilets are just a hole in the ground AND they stink like hell. U hafta put ure legs on both sides of the toilet, squat down totally exposed, and there is no door to hide u. Also the temperature is like 37-43 degrees Celcius over there, so while ure taking squatting down and shit, u have sweat dripping down everywhere. Whats even worse is they dont provide u with toilet papers. U hafta bring ure own. They dont even sell toilet papers in the bathroom. At least in mexico they sell toilet papers in the bathroom. First time i went to china public bathroom = TOTAL PWNAGE!

Above all that tho, the trip was a great experience and it was very fun. I guess that overrides all the bad stuff. I really enjoyed this trip and i hope to go back sometime in the near future, maybe during a cooler time of the year tho hehe. Just way to hot past week T_T
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
6:38 pm
Well, i'm gonna go to china for 8 days tomorrow!! so i wont be updating. Lotte logged on today just to spend some time with me b4 i go even tho she's so busy v.v howwwww sweeeeet v.v iiiiiiii lllllllooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee yyyyoooouuuuuu
looootttte V_V We hunted giants for awhile. When i dismissed my gargoyles...

hehe, i thot it was cool how both of them gave me almost the exact same adena, only 1 adena off hehe.

ANYWAYS~ TY LOTTE FOR MAKING MY DAY V_V I'll miss you alot while i'm in china v.v.v.v take care g/l!!!

everyone else i'll c ya around in 8 days ^^
8:21 am

i've had lots of ppl constantly whisper me and hassle me on global the past few months who keep asking me why i'm not lvl 50, that i could be lvl 50 if i stuck wiht 1 character, why i use summons to hunt if they slow down my exp??? well i've had enufffffff...i'm not lvl 50 because i dont fucking play 10+ hrs a day, i have school and i have a job and on top of that my parents are fucking strict, i'd be lucky if i get in more than 3 hrs on weekdays and 4 hrs on weekends. Maybe i made 4 lvl 49 chars because I ENJOYED PLAYING THEM, isnt that why ppl make multiple characters???? who says ure only limited to 1 fucking chaaracter in lineage, u have 3 slots for a reason on an account. This game isnt fucking about getting to lvl 50, ppl make it sound like thats the only point of lineage, if ure not lvl 50 then u suck..blha blah blah, so be it then i'm a shitty mage, i'm teh shittiest mage ever. I hunt with summons because IT'S FUN(also gargoyles in upper fv gets me .33% per hr, for a mage thats pretty damn good, which also reminds me, STOP COMPARING OTHER CLASSES TO MAGES) knights constantly say they die alot to but they still manage to get to lvl 52, blah blah blah, how fair is it to compare mage to knight???!!! ISNT GAMES ABOUT HAVING SOME FUCKING FUN? constant lvling is like labor, and the fun drains away. Maybe i dont take lvl 50+ as seriously as most ppl, its only a number, all i want to do is have fun. Playing lots of chars is fun to me, using summons to hunt for a change is fun for me also. Games are SUPPOSED to be FUN, not labor! so stop whispering me and hassling me about how come i'm not lvl 50 and i should be if i do this or dont do that. If thats not good enuf for some ppl, then i'll just admit to them right now that I'M A CRAPPY MAGE cuz i cant get to lvl 50! I SUCK I DUNNO HOW TO PLAY!! HAPPPPPY!?!?!?!

The Following Rant Session has been brought to you by BlueBerries, Thank you for your time!

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
8:40 am
music hosting
does anyone know a place where they can host music files for free? i wanna add background music to my site hahaha tyty
8:03 am
ty arioco and tarasque!!!

anyways, if anyone wants me to add them to my friend's blog section, just post ure name and url in the comments section =P
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